Eleanor Brashford

Eleanor Brashford

Hello, My name is Eleanor Brashford. I’ve been intimately involved in the ballet teaching scene for close to 60 years. One of my passions has always been ballet class music – I even listen to it in my car – drives my grandkids crazy.

For several years now, I have envisioned a web location where ballet teachers could find everything they need relating to ballet class music in one convenient spot.

To accomplish this goal I recently completed a two year study in web blogging and web marketing and I am now setting out to make my dream a reality. Quite an undertaking for someone my age, I humbly comment, but I got tired of quilting (though I still do it). Here is what I intend to create on this site.

  • A searchable database of all the ballet music composers, their downloads and albums, and links to where their music can be purchased.
  • A method by which teachers can rank the music and write reviews.
  • Tips on the does and do-nots of searching for and buying ballet class music.
  • A newsletter and/or a members area where teachers can get special deals on downloads from composers and/or their publishers.
  • A forum where a discussion can take place about what comprises good ballet class music. As you will see, I certainly have my own very strong opinions on that subject.

I also have a goal to locate and bring to light those jewels of ballet class music that have been buried by the aggressive web marketing of less worthy offerings. I would like to see the first pages of Google populated with nothing but stellar examples of ballet class music. I firmly believe that the better the music is that we use in our classes, the more effective our teaching is and the more effectively our students will learn.

Keep dancing, Eleanor Brashford

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